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Picnic Essentials

Just a tiny picnic obsession...

If you're anything at all like me, then you are completely crazy about picnics. If you're nothing at all like me, then you are probably thinking, "what's the big deal with picnics??!" and to that I would probably just look at you strangely because what's NOT a big deal about picnics?

Picnics are a quintessential part of Spring/Summer for SO many reasons. You get to plan an entire day around the thought of enjoying sunny weather and laying out in a field of grass, eating lots of PB&J all while in the company of whoever you deemed worthy enough to spend your picnic day with. Who wouldn't want that??!

Below I listed all my picnic essentials so you too can experience the beauty that is a picnic. 

Blankets/Beach Towels
Sun Screen/Bug Spray
Snacks (pb&j is essential)
Bag for cleanup

Have you had a picnic yet this summer?


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