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Chickpea Magazine

A magazine sent from the vegan gods

I've always been a huge fan of lifestyle and DIY-type magazines. I like reading articles written by people on a similar wave length as me and I never had a problem finding these magazines (usually online magazines) until after I started to get interested in vegan topics. The typical articles I would read in most magazines no longer interested me and didn't feel relatable anymore. So began the hunt for a magazine with articles about vegan topics without screaming "omnivores... keep out" began. That's when I found Chickpea Magazine.

I first fell in love with this magazine solely based on its looks. Call me shallow, but it's true. The photography and typography are both to die for... who wouldn't fall in love at first sight?!? After reading a little bit about Chickpea magazine, I found out the font used on the cover, the index, all of the headlines, and other similar places were all painted by hand. That alone shows something lacking in most products today - artistic expression and individuality. I was first sold just while browsing the covers of previous issues, but after reading all that, I was double sold. But then it got even better the more I read about this wondrous magazine, if that's even possible.

If you picked up a Chickpea magazine and started flipping through the pages, you'd notice something strange and unlike other magazines. The pages advertising allergy medication, mascara, and other products don't appear, not even once. And that's because (drumroll please!) Chickpea magazine is an ad-free magazine. Not only is that absolutely incredible, but it also means there's space for even more content. The only downside is that the cost is higher than a magazine that would profit from advertisements but if you ask me, $20 isn't much for a high quality magazine you can use as reference over the years. You can also buy a digital version of this magazine for $5, so there's really no excuse to miss out on the majesticness.

Out of everything listed on Chickpea's website that would be featured in the Summer 2016 issue,  I was most looking forward to the recipes since I'm always on the lookout for new vegan meal ideas. I was excited to see what Chickpea had in store and after receiving the magazine in the mail just two days ago, I wasn't at all disappointed. Along with the much anticipated recipes, the pages in this magazine also included insightful articles about real-life experiences, vegan restaurants, and lots of other equally insightful things mixed in along with the recipes.

Though this probably won't resinate with anyone else reading this, I had to mention the major nostalgia that occurred when I first opened the magazine. The smell of either the paper or the ink, or even the combination, took me back to elementary school. That just made me love this magazine even more.

What's your favorite magazine?


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