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Summer Clothing Staples

Five of my favorite clothing items for summer...

I've never had a distinct style during the summer. I've never liked the heat and humidity so I would always throw on anything that felt comfortable at the moment. Though I still definitely have those days of sweat shorts and tank tops, this summer had been one of my favorites regarding my style choices. Unlike any other summer, this summer I had a plan when it came to purchasing certain pieces. 

My Summer Style Plan - broken down into 4 easy steps

Step 1: Pick items similar to items you already love

For a while I always picked tops that looked amazing on the model, but end up not looking too great on me. As a result, I picked apart the pieces that I didn't love and started to make a mental list of things to look for that I knew didn't work for me. For example, I hate cap sleeves. For the longest time I didn't know what was up with my arms and why I always disliked my outfit when I wore tops with cap sleeves until I realized it wasn't the outfit or my body - it was just the sleeves. So now when I look for tops, if it has cap sleeves, it won't end up in my closet.

Step 2: Denim is always a good idea

I love denim. All types of denim, too, I'm really not picky. Denim and summertime is an even dreamier mix, if you ask me, which is why denim shorts are a must. Denim shirts are a great choice as well, but you have to be careful when you enter multiple denim outfit territory. I always try to pair a light denim shirt with dark denim bottoms to give some sort of contrast. Matching denim tops with the same exact denim bottoms is not the best look, at least in my opinion. But if you can pull it off and you feel great when sporting a Canadian tuxedo or you just want to unleash your inner Britney Spears, don't let my novice fashion advice stop you. 

Step 3: Find pieces gradually

When shopping for certain pieces, I would always get so frustrated when I couldn't find a particular piece and I would always end up settling for a close, but not quite what I was looking for, replacement. It took a very long time for me to realize not every shopping trip will be a successful one and to hold off on buying okay pieces and wait for the perfect pieces.

Step 4: Shop sales first

This step really speaks for itself. Though some people may be put off by the sale section and think of it as a disorganized pile of items that have been discarded and out of season, I usually find my favorite clothing items that I wasn't initially looking for (and didn't even know I wanted) in the sale section.

What are your summer clothing staples?


  1. Great summer clothes guide and perfect fashion sense also shown with the pictures and honestly, i am very much impressed with your work and blog. Thanks for the share


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