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Flower Prints

A slight flower print obsession...

Sister Golden is an online boutique created by Vicki and Brooke (mother and daughter) based in Chicago. Their website is filled with lots of creative gift/home items made by independent makers and Vickie herself. I followed Sister Golden on Instagram a few months ago the moment I saw one of Vic's flower prints on the discover/popular page and I've been just as obsessed ever since. You can't not look at any one of the flower prints and be anything but enchanted by the beautiful and intricate pieces of art. Read the behind the scenes of Vic's flower prints HERE.

The first flower print I fell in love with was "Greta". There's something about the movement and the life that's brought to the piece through the leaves in her hair and the blue in her eyes. As you can tell, I am completely obsessed with Greta and I'm glad I can finally stare at her on my wall instead of on the Sister Golden website.

My most recent flower print obsession was the beautiful Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Audrey Hepburn is my number one fashion/human influence so when I saw her as a flower print, I had to have it. How Vicki was able to create the profile of Audrey Hepburn from twigs, leaves, and flowers, I'm not too sure but I'm so glad she did.

Though I only physically have two flower prints, I definitely plan on adding more to my collection. Frida will be joining Audrey and Greta in the future. Also, if you think the prints look incredible through a screen, they look 100 times better in person.


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