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GLOW for a cause Perfumes

Smell good while doing good

I was first introduced to "GLOW for a cause" after receiving one of their products in a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, which seems to be a reoccurring theme in my recent blog posts. I never really thought of buying solid perfumes for myself since my skin never reacted well to them... but since I now had a little pot of solid perfume in my possession, I thought I'd try it out. If I broke out in eczema, it was a risk I was willing to take. But something miraculous happened. I didn't break out in hives and I smelt really good.

The scent I received in the Beauty Box is called Wish. It's a floral scent with bergamot (which is a scent I absolutely adore) and white tea. I honestly catch myself sniffing myself multiple times a day when I wear this scent, it's that good. I loved the solid perfume so much I decided to buy the same scent in roll-on form. I didn't even hesitate after learning that 5% of each purchase goes directly to one of their partner non-profits, which they have listed here.

I like to use the roll on when getting ready in the morning or before I go out and I keep the solid pot in my bag if I ever stop smelling the incredible scent on me, which isn't that often since the scent typically lasts all day.

GLOW for a cause is cruelty-free with vegan options labeled "vegan friendly" on their website

What's your favorite vegan and cruelty-free fragrance?


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