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Vegan Fruity Snacks

Healthy and fruity vegan snacks...

If you've read my Healthy Vegan Chocolate Snacks post, then you'd know I'm always on the hunt for new snack foods. Chocolate is, and probably always will be, my snack of choice, but I recently decided it was time to step away from the chocolatey snacks and enter the colorful world of fruity snacks, and that's exactly what I did.

I haven't had fruit snacks in a while (due to gelatin and beeswax, which both aren't vegan), and thanks to Annie's, I can proudly say that's no longer the case. Annie's fruit snacks are available in a variety of flavors, but I decided to try out the Tropical Fruit pack first. These not only taste great, but they're also vegan, gluten free, and free of artificial colors (which is incredible).

Fig Newtons were always a favorite snack of mine before I went vegan, but, like fruit snacks, I haven't had them in a while (since Fig Newtons contain Whey, which is another non-vegan ingredient). Nature's Bakery managed to one up Fig Newtons though, so I don't even miss them. Nature's Bakery offer's a selection of fig bars in a variety of flavors. The vegan bars are labeled vegan, which I appreciate immensely, so thanks Nature's Bakery. I recently tried the Strawberry Fig Bar and I'm obsessed. 

I've been a big fan of Mamma Chia's chia juices for a while now. I'm pretty sure I've tried every flavor they have to offer and I've been equally obsessed with all of them. I honestly didn't think it could get any better... but I was wrong. Mamma Chia also offers their chia concoction in a squeeze pouch. A squeeze pouch. Mamma Chia's products don't only taste incredible, they also contain lots of essential omega 3s so they're the perfect snack for vegans who tend to lack omega 3s.

If you're like me and you like the idea of drinking sparkling water over soda, but you just can't get behind the taste of sparkling water, then Izze's Sparkling Juice is the beverage of your dreams. You get all the carbonation that you would in soda, but without all the unhealthy ingredients. I've tried all the flavors Izze have to offer, and I love them all, but Clementine and Peach are definitely my top two.

Like fruit snacks, I haven't had fruit wraps in years. Maybe even since elementary school, I'm not too sure, so when I saw these fruit wraps in Trader Joe's I had an instant throwback and wanted to try them immediately. After a quick Google search, I found out these wraps were in fact vegan, so nothing was holding me back. The consistency of these fruit wraps are a little bit thicker than the ones I remember from my childhood, but they're definitely a lot tastier since they're made from real fruit. 

Sorbets are always a great option when you want a cold snack, but aren't in the mood for (vegan) ice cream. This sorbet specifically is tastes incredible. I absolutely love eating sorbet in the summer, so I know this Mango sorbet will be on my grocery list again in a few months.

Astronaut food never appealed to me. It always seemed extremely unnatural and, to be honest, it kind of freaked me out. But for some odd reason while walking through Trader Joe's, a packet of Freeze Dried Mangos stuck out and I thought I'd give them a go. I think I'd still rather a real mango over a freeze dried one, but I was definitely surprised with how good it actually tastes. Definitely a lot easier to buy this packet then to chop up a mango, so I might give freeze dried fruits another go in the future.

What's your favorite fruity snack?


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