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New Vegan Ben & Jerry's Flavors

New additions to Ben & Jerry's non-dairy line!

About a year ago, Ben & Jerry's started offering a small selection of vegan ice cream flavors made from almond milk. If you read my Vegan Ben & Jerry's post, then you'd know how excited I was about it. Ever since then, almost every time I'd go to the grocery store, I'd pick up a pint of P.B. & Cookies (because that ice cream is a dream, and it's vegan). So, just imagine my surprise when I went to the vegan ice cream section and found THREE BRAND NEW non-dairy Ben & Jerry's flavors!!! I went a little crazy and bought all three because I had to try them so I could write about them and share my excitement with the world, all for the blog post, totally.

Caramel Almond Brittle is the ice cream flavor of my dreams. It has all the ingredients to win my heart, so I thought it was a done deal the moment I saw the pint still in the freezer section at the grocery store. And I was right. P.B. & Cookies will forever be my ice cream of choice, but I think this one may tie for that number one spot.

Cleverly named after Jerry Garcia, Cherry Garcia is one of Ben & Jerry's most popular flavors. I never got to try this iconic flavor before going vegan, so I just assumed I never would, until recently when B&Js made my dreams come true by adding this legendary ice cream to their non-dairy line. If you're into cherries, then you'll love this flavor. Iconic.
You can read about how Cherry Garcia came about here.

Seven layers of caramel, fudge, walnuts, graham cracker, coconut, and 2 other things that I'm not sure of - goodness. I'm usually not coconut's #1 fan, but this ice cream made me rethink that. Maybe I do like coconut? This ice cream will for sure be the perfect hot-summer-day treat.

Apparently, all my dreams involve ice cream... what's your favorite non-dairy ice cream?


  1. Well, this is beyond exciting. I hope they will sell these in the UK! Followed you on Bloglovin' by the way, loving your site and your photos are superb! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. I hope so too! Everyone needs to experience vegan Ben & Jerry's!!! Thanks for the comment!

  2. ice cream all time favourite irrespective of any age group. when flavours are added then it is irrestible, but these ice cream with almond milk leaves all speechless.

  3. Thank you for this post. I have not seen these in stores near me, but I hope they appear around here soon as these look delicious and I want to try them, especially the Caramel Almond Brittle.... yummy


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