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Toast 3 Ways

Toast appreciation post

Toast is probably the most underrated breakfast food out there. Some mornings I'm in the mood for cereal, others maybe a chocolate chip muffin, but everyday, without fail, I'm always in the mood for toast. Even if it's just toasted bread with a bit of vegan butter spread across it, toast for breakfast can never fail in my eyes, and stomach.

Before you can start your toast endeavors, you have to start with a sturdy foundation. I'm talking about the bread. The bread you choose to make into toast and eat first thing in the morning is important. You need the right amount of protein, fiber, and other important things to start your day right. White bread will not do (for the record, it will never do, in my opinion). My favorite bread is the Oat Nut bread from Arnold. Trust me when I say you have never experienced the magic that is bread until you've tried Arnold's Oat Nut bread. Trust.

Now that we have a good and strong foundation, we can start with the different variation of spreads for your toast. I'm more into savory breakfasts, so these are not only tasty ideas, but filling and substantial breakfast meals.


I can eat hummus all day, everyday. The different variations of hummus you can buy is practically endless but I'm always a fan of plain and simple hummus with as little garlic as possible. If you want to try making some for yourself, in a food processor combine chick peas with olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste (and garlic, but I smell like garlic for days after I eat it, so I try to eat as little as I can). It's seriously that easy. If you're feeling fancy, you can even add sesame seeds or, my favorite, sunflower seeds.

Spinach and Tomato

Spinach is one of my all time favorite veggies so I always like to incorporate it in as many meals as I can. Make sure you drain your spinach as much as you can after cooking it, as it might make your toast soggy and no one likes soggy toast. I sometimes eat toast just with spinach and that's it, but if I'm feeling fancy and I have some tomatoes, I throw those on there too.


Avocados are always a nice addition to any sandwich, but what if the avocados were the starring role?? I like eating avocados on toast for breakfast or any other time of the day when I have avocados, to be honest. You can mash up the avocado or you can slice it. It's delicious either way.

If you're feeling super ambitious, you can add all 3 together to make one super toast. 
What's your favorite way to eat toast?


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