Vegan Stocking Stuffers $10 & Under

A little something for everyone!

Stocking stuffers are usually the easiest gifts to find for someone, but when that someone is also vegan, it's a whole different story especially if you aren't clued in on the world of veganism. If you find yourself struggling to find stocking stuffers for that vegan in your life, look no further. I put together a few gifts I think would be perfect for any vegan (or non-vegan honestly)! Also, everything on this list is either available from Amazon or Target which makes them perfect last minute gifts!

Stuff Every Vegetarian Should Know Book $7.78

This little book is jam packed with, you guessed it, things every vegetarian should know. I personally thing herbivores and omnivores would both enjoy this book equally because it's filled with golden nuggets of culinary information that anyone interested in cooking would appreciate!

Available on Amazon Prime

Chocolove Almonds and Sea Salt $2.79

Chocolove Strong Dark Chocolate $2.79

Anyone, vegan and nonvegans alike, would be extremely happy to find a Belgian chocolate bar in their stocking and that's exactly what these Chocolove bars are! It's important to note that these bars aren't certified vegan and they may have trace amounts of dairy in them. I'm not that picky, but if you're buying for someone with a dairy allergy, that's definitely something to look out for.

Available at Target Online/In Stores

Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch $2.99

This chocolate mint bar from Equal Exchange would be on every vegan's wishlist because Mint + Chocolate = Christmas in edible form. This chocolate bar is perfect for the vegans who are also ethical shoppers. Equal Exchange offers coffee, tea, chocolate, and lots of other goodies that are all fair trade. They also are doing lots of other good things so it's definitely worth a read HERE if your into ethical businesses (which you should be).

Like the Chocolove bars, these bars aren't certified vegan and may have trace amounts of dairy in them.

Available at Target Online/In Stores

Elf Lip Balm $5

Elf Lipstick Bag $3

Elf has an endless array of items that would be perfect for stockings, but I thought the Lip Balm set and the Lip Stick Bag would be perfect for any vegan woman, or guy, who's into beauty. The lip balms fit perfectly in the lip stick bag which is a nice little bonus.

Available at Target Online/In Stores 

Ornament $3 ea.

I found these cute little crocheted ornaments in Target and I instantly fell in love. I decided to include them in this gift guide because, let's be honest, most vegans like house plants and veggies so obviously they'd be a fan of these ornaments.

Available at Target In Stores


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  1. Love your picks! I would be very happy if someone give me these things in Christmas.