My name is Sarah and this is Keeny Peach... a curated space for vegan and cruelty-free things while leaving behind the stigma that tends to follow vegan lifestyles.

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The Power of Crystals

Crystals, gems, and stones... oh my!

The very first time I ever heard of crystals was curtesy of Spencer Pratt and his slight mental breakdown on reality TV 10 years ago. Right then and there I made a mental note to never do drugs because then I might talk to crystals and cause havoc in my friend group... if only my 13 year old self could see me now. Like Spencer, I have found something magical in tiny rocks (totally sober, too, by the way).

If you take away all the stereotypes and negative stigmas, crystal healing truly is majestic. The ideology is essentially the belief that certain crystals have healing capabilities. Whether or not you believe in the healing power of crystals, that's totally up to you, but we all have to agree on the fact that crystals are beautiful. Amethyst especially. Gorgeous.

My sister gifted me a bunch of crystals and the beautiful box I keep them all in from The Magickal Cat. You can find the box by clicking HERE!

Now I'm obviously a newbie to the world of crystal healing, but I'm still totally into it. And even if the healing part of all this is just an elaborated placebo effect, I'm still totally into it. 


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