Vegan Valentine's Snacks

Fruit, chocolate, and pink themed vegan snacks!

I love finding excuses to put together festive/seasonal posts and Valentine's Day is no exception. I put together a few of my favorite year-round snacks that are either fruity, chocolatey, pink, or all of the above.

Cherries, chocolate, and almonds all combined to make one deluxe chocolate bar??? Yes please! When I was looking for potential snacks to include in this post, I knew this bar had to be included before I even tasted it. I just knew it would be amazing and taste like Valentine's Day. And I was right. This bar is delicious.

Certified Vegan

Continuing with the chocolate and fruit theme, the Chocolove raspberry chocolate bar might just be my favorite chocolate bar. I love dark chocolate and I love raspberries so this chocolate bar was practically made for me. Definitely.

May contain traces of milk

Nothing says Valentine's Day like fig bars... am I right????? All jokes aside, Nature's Bakery's Fig Bars are my all time favorite snacks. These bars aren't your typical V-Day snack, but they're still delicious and they fit in with the theme of this post so I had to include them. I would recommend eating them everyday of the year. 

Certified Vegan

I never thought the combination of pomegranates, vanilla, and cashews would work out together, but I can't get enough of this combo. I think I finished this pack almost immediately after I opened it and I'm not the biggest fan of nutty snacks. But these cashews are incredible.

Not certified vegan, but doesn't contain any non-vegan ingredients

This chocolate bar isn't fruity or pink, but the packaging is purple and it's delicious so I thought I'd throw it in here. If you're looking for genuinely tasty chocolate, Madecasse is the bar for you. I also saw Madecasse has a coupon code on their website for Valentine's Day... bonus! (not sponsored)

Certified Vegan


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