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Lime Crime Unicorn Hair

Unicorns and bunnies and other magical things...

I'm not about that colorful hair life... not at all. But my sister, Emily, definitely is so when she showed me her most recent hair dye purchase, I couldn't NOT write about it. Firstly, it's certified vegan and cruelty-free. Obviously a must to qualify for a blog post here. Secondly, the dye itself is called unicorn hair and the shade is appropriately named bunny... two of my favorite things. Again, I couldn't NOT write about it.

Lime Crime is 100% vegan and cruelty-free

My sister was kind enough to let me take pictures of the process. I can only go off of her opinion, but she went to cosmetology school and has been dying her hair funky colors since 2008, so I think we can all trust her opinion. It's also worth noting that her starting point was already platinum blonde, so her results would naturally be better than someone starting with a natural blonde or brown. With all that being said, Emily had 3 main comments about this temporary hair dye.

1. Amazing smell
Usually with hair dye, you wouldn't expect a pleasant smell after opening the bottle, but according to Emily, the Lime Crime dye had a really nice scent that wasn't at all chemically.

2. Washed out in 3 washes
If you aren't new to the hair dying world, then you know to take "temporary" products with a grain of salt. Emily didn't want that commitment of dying her hair permanently or even semi-permanently which is why she purchased this temporary dye in the first place. Emily was extremely happy when this dye washed out completely after only 3 washes.

3. Didn't stain her hair
Unlike other products, after the 3 washes, this product was out completely. There was no residual pink or orange tones left lingering. All of the color was gone for good.

Have you tried any Lime Crime products?


  1. Thank you for reviewing! It seem the product will work best on light colored hair. This is perfect for a special hair color on a short vacation.


  2. Thanks for sharing this post. This is such a nice post. Please keep sharing such post.


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