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Best Friend Vegan & Cruelty-free Gift Guide

Buying a gift for a best friend should be easy, emphasis on the word should. It's not until you start actually looking when you realized you're completely stumped, and I'm guessing that's exactly how you stumbled upon this blog post, isn't it? Well then in that case, here lies your very own best friend gift buying cheat sheet.

Finchberry Soap $10
The best soap your nose has ever sniffed

You are a Badass Book $10
Because even the baddest of asses need to be reminded sometimes

Unreal Peanut Gems $10
Peanuts and chocolate... everyones fave combination

elf Tinted Lip Balms $5
Everyone can use some tinted lip balms in their collection

Motivational Pin $10
Because your bff should feel proud of all their accomplishments

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