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Got Non-Dairy Milk?

"There is no humane way to end the life of an animal who wants to live" - Hannah Shaw

photos taken at a local animal sanctuary, Funny Farm, in 2017

Ever since I started a vegetarian diet 9 years ago, every day has been a learning experience. It's like I unlocked a door to this hidden reality and more and more horrible things keep coming out. For instance, 5 years ago when I decided to go vegan, I discovered the disgusting and inhumane ways of the dairy industry. It feels as though each day I learn something new and it's so frustrating not being able to adequately speak on these acts of inhumanity without being passed off as "one of those vegans". Even trying to find the right words to express that frustration is extremely difficult.

When I initially started this blog I didn't want to speak on animal rights issues because I didn't have the words. I also knew doing so would invite comments from people who just aren't informed on the same issues, and I wasn't up for that... at all. But right now I'm welcoming a discussion. Topics such as the dairy industry need to be spoken about, and Kitten Lady did just that.

If you haven't heard of Kitten Lady, I'm guessing you've never had a bottle-fed kitten in your care and frantically searched the internet for any and all information on newborn kittens. Well, at least that's how I discovered her. Hannah Shaw, also known as Kitten Lady, is a kitten advocate and humane educator who has the best (and cutest) Instagram, website, and YouTube for information on all things kittens.

Back in July, Hannah uploaded a video to her Youtube channel called "For the Love of Orphans". In this video she speaks on the issue of the dairy industry. Hannah found the words I've been searching for... I can't recommend this video enough.

Hannah uses her platform to educate her cat loving audience on issues they may not be fully aware of, which is incredible. So why can't I? I have the platform to educate my cruelty-free audience on issues they may not be fully aware of. So here it goes...

To my cruelty-free audience, the dairy industry freaking sucks. 

Almost as informative and precise as Hannah, right?? I definitely recommend watching that video for more educated and clear information on the dairy industry. Expect snippets from Hannah like...

"Humans are not designed to be drinking (cows) milk... Lactose tolerance is weird, lactose intolerance is normal, that's pretty standard because we're not meant to be consuming that milk"
"If you can save an animal, you have a duty to do so, you have a duty to try"
"It's not consistent with the love of animals to be slaughtering babies and to be killing babies just for our own pallet preference"
and even
"Babies are not a by-product and milk is for babies"

So, what can you do, personally, to help baby calves?

Cut out dairy. Plain and simple. I was able to do it 5 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It was a major change, but it is possible. I've found replacements for literally every dairy product under the sun. When I grocery shop, I know that I am not contributing to the inhumane treatment of cows and calves, and all other animals for that matter, and that feels pretty freaking great.
Another cool way to help baby calves is to support local animal rescues and sanctuaries. Animal sanctuaries are incredibly important when it comes to the safety and well-being of neglected animals. Sanctuaries offer a forever home to animals who didn't really have a chance to really live a majority of their lives... like baby calves and cows used to produce milk. Most sanctuaries are open to the public so you can interact with the animals you would inevitably be saving by cutting out dairy.

 A few of my favorite non-dairy items:

Daiya Cheddar and Mozzerella Shreds

So Delicious Coco Whip (Cool Whip substitute)
Soyatoo Rice Whip (whipped cream w/ nozzle substitute)

Just Mayo (mayonasse)
Coco Real Cream of Coconut (condensed milk substitute) 
Annie's Vegan Mac (boxed mac and cheese substitute)
Earth Balance Cheddar Squares (cheese-its substitute)

There's probably a whole lot more of my favorites that I forgot to add, not even mentioning all the other options and variations of each product mentioned. Those are all just my personal favorites.

Moral of this post... It's 2019. The "it's too expensive" and "I love cheese too much" excuses just aren't cutting it anymore. Give it a try, see how easy it is to be kind to animals.


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