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Favorite Non-Dairy Milks

The best of the best milk alternatives!

When it comes to a good majority of the meals that I make for myself everyday, there's always one common factor... and that's milk alternatives. Whether it's cereal for breakfast, mac & (vegan) cheese for lunch, or a cupcake recipe for dessert, non-dairy milk is in it all. And after a whole lot of trial and error throughout the past 6 years of vegan living, I think you can all trust me when I say a certain non-dairy milk is good. I mean, you don't have to take my word for it. It's up to you.

So Delicious Coconut Milk
This coconut milk right here is my #1 non-dairy milk... and I don't like 99% of all coconut milks, but this guy knows how to be made of coconuts without actually tasting too much like coconut. I appreciate that.

Forager Project Cashew Milk
Consistency is a major factor when it comes to milk alternatives, and that's exactly why I picked up Forager's cashew milk in the first place. It had the right amount of thickness. No one likes runny milk.

Oatly Oat Milk
I first tried out Oatly's Chocolate Oat Milk and absolutely loved it, so I knew this brand was a solid contender for a spot on my fave non-dairy milks list, and after trying their plain oat milk, I wasn't wrong. Their branding is an A+ in my book too.

Califia Almond Milk
I normally don't like almond milk because of the strong nutty almond taste, because duh, it's made from almonds, but I can tolerate this one. It's also the most accessable, at least for me, which is nice. I like knowing for sure that this product will be in my local grocery store, when the others is usually a hit or miss.

Planet Oat Oat Milk
This milk was the most recent addition to this list. It's good when I make matcha, so that automatically makes it a winner.

What's your favorite non-dairy milk?


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