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Nolaskinsentials | Brand Focus

This week's Brand Focus is diving in on the skincare brand Nolaskinsentials. 

Jane Ormon, Founder
Jane Ormon, Founder

Nola was founded by Jane after noticing that her specific skincare needs weren't being met. She saw a gap that needed to be filled, and she filled it with vegan and cruelty-free amazing-ness. She created a skincare line for skin types with melanin like hers, and every other skin type and skin tone because, "at Nolaskinsentials, there's no glow left behind!"
Nola creates their products in small batches with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Their target consumers are health-conscious millennials, and as a millennial who is indeed health-concious, I have to say, it's working. I'm all in on Nolaskinsentials.

Each month, Nola offers a $25 sample box of 4 deluxe size sample products. In July's sample box, I received the Charcoal Mask, Papaya Burst Cleanser (exclusive to the sample kit), Witches Brew Toner, and  Iconic Elixir. As someone who is totally in favor of buying sample size products before investing in the whole product, I have to say that these sample sizes are THE IDEAL sample size. You can get multiple uses out of each toner, mask, cleanser, and elixir, which I love.

If all that wasn't great enough, Nola offers rewards through their recycling program. For every container mailed back, Nola will reward you with either a percentage off of your next purchase, a free sample product, or even a free full size product of your choice. The more you send back, the higher the reward. You can read about it HERE

I love when brands look and feel human. You can tell that the people behind Nolaskinsentials care about the products they are putting out into the world and the people buying them. We need more of that.

Nolaskinsentials is a black-owned and woman-owned business. Spend your money on marginalized humans who are long overdue for amplification.
Nolaskinsentials is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

"Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want"
-Anna Lappé


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