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The Honey Pot | Brand Focus

This week's Brand Focus is all about The Honey Pot, an unapologetically badass feminine care brand. And you may be thinking, "unapologetic" and "badass" aren't your typical adjectives when thinking of a feminine care brand, but The Honey Pot is exactly that and I even made a list why.

Why is The Honey Pot Unapologetically Badass?

1. They aren't afraid to say vagina

2. They received completely undeserved backlash and adversity (mainly from Karens on Facebook) and came out of it on the other side even stronger

3. Their slogan is "made by humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas"

The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot is 100% vegan and cruelty-free

So, now we know why The Honey Pot is badass, but...

What exactly is The Honey Pot?

The Honey Pot is a woman-owned, black-owned, plant-based, cruelty-free, powered-by-herbs, natural feminine care brand. I mean, what more can you ask for??? Bea Dixon, CEO and Founder, says she created The Honey Pot after "an ancestor gave me the ingredients to heal myself in a dream" when she was struggling with a pesky case of bacterial vaginitis. I, for one, would personally love to thank Bea's ancestor, because I've liked all of The Honey Pot's products I've tried so far.

Bea Dixon, Founder/CEO

The Honey Pot's Products

The Honey Pot offers a wide variety of plant-based female hygiene products... everything from pads and tampons, to vagina washes and vulva cream. I was most drawn to three products in particular, and that was their herb infused pads, the panty spray, and the vulva cream. After trialing all three of those products over the span of three months, I can, without a doubt, 100% recommend.

The Honey Pot & Charity

The Honey Pot is not only awesome for your vagina, they're also awesome for vaginas in need of a little kindness. The Honey Pot is partnered with Happy Period, an organization that provides menstrual hygiene kits to those who are homeless, low income, or living in poverty. Bea worded it perfectly... "feminine care isn't a luxury, it's a human right". To support Happy Period and the women they support, you can buy a super unapologetically badass pin.

Have you tried products from The Honey Pot?


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