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Vegan Halloween Candy

Halloween isn't quite the same this year with quarantine and social distancing and literally everything and anything else going on... but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate with a bowl of candy on our own! At least that's what I'm planning to do... which is a normal Saturday night for me, but this time it'll be spooky. 

I searched far and wide all throughout Whole Foods and Amazon for candy that was not only delicious, but also vegan. Here's what I found! 

Of course I had to try every single piece of candy... you know... for science. I fell in love with Yum Earth during this spooky season experiment (because science, remember). They have watermelon lollipops. I mean if you're not sold on that alone... I'm not sure if I agree with your tastebuds. 

What's your favorite vegan candy?


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