My name is Sarah and this is Keeny Peach... a curated space for vegan and cruelty-free things while leaving behind the stigma that tends to follow vegan lifestyles.

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My name is Sarah and I created this blog to shine a light on vegan and cruelty-free related products/topics while leaving behind the stigma that seems to follow vegan lifestyles. Many people with vegan lifestyles tend to be judged or labeled as so many different things, it's hard to keep track of them all. My favorite is probably "egotistical hippies".

I've had a meat-free diet for over 8 years, 3 of those most recent years consisting of a vegan lifestyle. In those 3 years, I've struggled to find an online community for people, like me, who don't want to constantly mention the fact that they're vegan but want to have a place they could read about beauty products that weren't tested on animals or recipes that contain plant-based ingredients, all in the same place. With that non-existent community in mind, I created Keeny Peach - an online world of vegan related things, without being overwhelmingly vegan.

Instead of getting into my whole life story, I decided to answer a few questions that you may be asking yourself.

What does Keeny Peach mean?
When thinking of a website names Peachy Keen came to mind but that url was taken so I switched it around and came up with Keeny Peach, which surprisingly wasn't taken.

How old are you?

Where do you live?
New Jersey

What can I expect from this blog?
Lots of fun posts about skincare/beauty products, food, recipes, and other cool things that just so happen to be vegan/cruelty-free.

When can I expect posts from this blog?
Every Wednesday at 12:00 pm EST.

How can I keep up with your blog posts?
You can subscribe to this blog by email over on the sidebar. You can also follow Keeny Peach on Bloglovin'.

With all that being said, welcome to Keeny Peach! - a blog that is 100% "but would you eat meat to survive"-free! I hope you're as into this blog idea as I am!


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