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HipCityVeg Philly!

Rittenhouse Square is definitely one of my favorite places in Philadelphia (if not my favorite place ever), right next to historic Philly. The only thing that could make my love for Rittenhouse Square a bit more intense would be if a vegan restaurant happened to sit right across the street from the park. If you couldn't guess from the title of this blog post, that's totally where one of my favorite vegan restaurants, HipCityVeg, is located.

Combine one of my favorite locations with one of my favorite vegan restaurants and it's inevitable you'd get a blog post all about my love for the two. And that's exactly what you've got today. HipCityVeg is a restaurant that is completely, 100%, plant based. I can never really express how incredible it feels to read an entire menu filled with vegan dishes, but I'm sure other people out there with plant based diets know the feeling. And for all of gluten-free eaters, HipCityVeg offers gluten free options.

If you're going for the iconic Philly experience, definitely get the Philly Steak... a tasty, vegan rendition of the traditional Philly Cheesesteak. The mushrooms diverge this dish from the classic, but it definitely gives it a much better taste, in my opinion. Order a Green Lemonade and, if the few tables inside are all taken, or if you're like me and take social distancing very seriously, get your meal to-go and find a bench across the street in Rittenhouse Square Park. There are a few HipCityVeg locations now, so replace Rittenhouse Square Park with any other scenic park in Philly near the HipCityVeg of your choice and you're good to go!

HipCityVeg is currently a member of Support & Feed, a nonprofit that provides plant-based meals for children and families, seniors, homeless and domestic abuse shelters, food banks, and LGBTQ+ centers in marginalized communities.


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