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Rifle Paper Co. Prints & Stationery

New year, new stationery

I've written about gorgeous prints and I've written about beautiful stationery, so when a paper company combines both prints and stationery, I couldn't resist. Rifle Paper Co. is a stationery and lifestyle brand established 7 years ago by husband and wife, Anna and Nathan Bond. If you're anything like me, you'll take one look at their website and fall head over heals in love with every product they have to offer, whether that's cards or wallpaper, you'll love it all.

Rifle Paper Co. has lots of fabulous prints, but the Alice in Wonderland collection kept popping out at me. I knew they'd look incredible on my Grandma's wall, so I bought them, framed them, wrapped them, and popped them under the Christmas tree for my Grandmom to open on Christmas Day. Their products aren't only original, but they also somehow seem personal. You can imagine each print exactly where it belongs and there's something magical about that.

Next up, greeting cards. I couldn't just buy prints when I was aware of all the beautiful cards just waiting to be bought too. I kept it cool and only bought five, but these five were a good bunch. Blank cards, birthday cards, everyday occasion cards... they are all extremely useful to keep on hand if any occasion pops up. And it's especially handy to restock in the beginning of a new year.

What's your favorite greeting card company?


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