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Beauty Lover Vegan & Cruelty-free Gift Guide

Shopping for a beauty lover can be difficult enough, but add vegan and cruelty-free requirements to the mix and that shopping trip may seem next to impossible. But fear not, weary shopper, for I have the answer to all your frustrations... a complete gift guide for all your vegan and cruelty-free beauty shopping needs!

Makeup Bag $16
Because every beauty lover can never have enough makeup bags

Modicum Face Serum $25
The best of the best face serum

Travel Mascara $12
Travel sized products are always appreciated, especially when it's Tarte

Pacifica Lipstick $9
Creamy lipsticks are a necessity

Eco Tools Brushes $5
Eyebrow brushes, another essential

Sheet Mask $4
There's never a bad time for a face mask

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