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Good Chemistry

We have good chemistry...

I've always been finicky when it came to perfume scents. I'm one of those whiney people with allergies that can't stand strong scents... I can't even walk through the perfume section in a department store without having a sneezing fit. Even if I took a Zyrtec and braved the perfume section, those scents never appealed to me. They all smelt like synthetic fragrances mixed with alcohol, which isn't far off from what most fragrances are anyway. 
But let's take away the allergies, the alcoholic scent, and any other excuse I may have to not like most "name brand" fragrances, there's still the underlying issue of animal testing. If you walk through the perfume section in Macy's, Boscovs, or even Ulta, all of those perfumes have been tested on animals. 

So what's a picky cruelty-free gal to do? Take a trip to Target and stumble upon the Good Chemistry display, that's what.

Good Chemistry is an exlusive-to-Target brand that offers a large variety of vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free perfumes, body mists, and roll-on scents. It should be noted that I was not able to contact Target to confirm their vegan and cruelty-free statement. 

I fell in love with the Water Lily scent at first sniff. If you're like me, and prefer light and floral scents, this scent will make your nose happy. I spray this perfume on my pajamas before I go to sleep... that's how much I like it!

My sister fell in love with the Apricot Bloom scent at first sniff, so of course I had to add it to the post. If you're like my sister and prefer strong and fruity scents, then this scent will make your nose happy! I'm a fan of this scent as well... me... the finicky allergy girl! That says a lot!

On your next trip to Target, be sure to stop by the Good Chemistry display and sniff a few scents! 
(not sponsored, but definitely should be)


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