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Smoothie Bowls

Sunshine in a bowl...

After the insanity that was the polar vortex, I don't think I'm the only one craving sunshine, but sadly, I have no control over the weather. I do, however, have full and total control over what I have for breakfast. And what's the food equivalent to sunshine, you may ask? The answer is 100% smoothie bowls.

Smoothie bowls are so forgiving, you can experiment with essentially any fruit and it will turn out amazing, guaranteed.

For my smoothie bowl today, I added a blend of frozen fruit, since a majority of fresh fruit are currently not in season, a banana, and some coconut milk. But what really makes a smoothie bowl a smoothie bowl, are the toppings. So to top off this bowl, I added peanut butter, granola, a banana,  flaked coconut, and a few blackberries. YUM.

And there you go, sunshine in a bowl.

What's your go-to smoothie bowl combo?


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