Just Egg

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

It's just a plant based egg...

When starting a vegan diet, scrambled eggs was definitely a meal I thought I'd never experience again... and I was ok with that. So when I discovered Just Egg, I was beyond impressed and excited to try it out.

Just Egg is a plant-based scramble made out of mung beans. If you're like me, then before now, you've never heard of a mung bean. After a quick Google search, I discovered that mung beans are a legume with lots of protein and essential amino acids... you can read more about mung beans over on Healthline. Basically, it's a bean that's super healthy and convenient for plant based diets.

After whipping up my first scramble, I was shocked at the resemblance this heated up mung bean juice has to real scrambled eggs. The taste is different, but kinda better in my opinion. I find myself craving Just Egg at least once a week. Which is good considering a bottle only lasts about a week before it goes bad anyway.

I mean... just look at the pictures. I getting hungry just looking at them.

Have you tried Just Egg?

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